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By Allure Smile Center
January 14, 2016
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Everyone loves having straight teeth, but no one likes going through the painful process of getting braces. Luckily, the dentists at Allure Smile Center in Miami Lakes, FL offer a solution--Invisalign. Allowing adults and teens alike to straighten their teeth while continuing to Invisalignenjoy a white smile, Invisalign is effective for a variety of common orthodontic conditions, including:

  • Crowding
  • Gaps
  • Overbite
  • Underbite
  • Crossbite

The Invisalign Process

To begin, your Miami Lakes dentist will take impressions and x-rays to create a 3D model of your smile. They even show you a virtual model of what your teeth will look like once you’re finished. Then this model is used to create a series of customized aligners.

After that, the treatment is simple: wear your clear aligners for 20-22 hours a day, removing them only to eat and clean your teeth. You’ll receive a new set of aligners every two weeks, each one bringing your teeth slightly closer to perfection.

Benefits of Invisalign

Discreet: A common reason dentists suggest Invisalign is patients can maintain a white smile during their orthodontic treatment--no metal appliances required. With your clear aligners, no one can tell you’re receiving orthodontic care.

Easy to Clean: With traditional braces, it can be difficult to clean around the brackets or between the teeth. This difficulty increases the risk of tooth decay and can lead to unsightly spots upon removal of your braces. Since Invisalign trays are removable, you can continue your regular dental hygiene practice for healthy, evenly-shaded teeth.

Fast: Although every case is unique, adults typically complete their Invisalign treatment in about a year. For teens, the treatment length is approximately equal to that of braces.

Comfortable: No metal means no sharp edges to cause scratches or sores inside your mouth. Invisalign aligners are smooth for a less painful orthodontic experience.

Convenient: Unlike with braces, you won’t need to change your diet to avoid breaking your hardware. Because you can remove your aligners to eat, you can continue eating the foods you love without worrying about damage. Plus, since there are no brackets or wires to adjust, you can enjoy fewer dentist visits with less discomfort.

Miami Lakes Dentist

Allure Smile Center is your source for comprehensive orthodontic care and general dentistry in Miami Lakes, FL. Asa certified Invisalign Provider, its dentists can help you achieve the straight smile you've always wanted. To find out if Invisalign is the best choice for you, request your appointment online or call 305-827-9148 today.

By Allure Smile Center
September 23, 2015
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Faced with replacing missing teeth, patients have several options: fixed bridgework, partial or full dentures, and dental implants. Which one should you pick? If you are leaning toward dental implants, Dr. Ana Maderal-Cozad. Miami Lakes dental implant dentist can tell you how she re-creates smiles with this modern tooth replacement choice. She evaluates patient health and bone structure to help Dental Implants individuals answer, "Are dental implants right for me?"

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are synthetic teeth comprised of three parts:

  1. a titanium screw inserted into the empty tooth socket during an in-office surgery
  2. a metal abutment or post placed onto the implant after the surgical site has healed
  3. a porcelain crown that is shaped and color-matched to fit in with neighboring teeth

Versatile, stable and well-accepted by the body, implants support one or more replacement teeth, bridgework or even a full arch of dentures. Patients report their implants feel like natural teeth, giving them amazing stability while eating and speaking. Plus, implants look natural!

The stability of implant devices originates in the jaw bone itself. When the Miami Lakes dental implant dentist places the device into the bone, the body begins a miraculous process called osseointegration. The bone bonds to the titanium metal, creating an unparalleled natural anchor. The body retains the device for years, and with diligent oral hygiene, the implant site remains healthy.

The Implant Candidate

According to the International Dental Health Foundation, individuals with dense jaw bones make great candidates for this procedure. However, the dentist may augment a problematic jaw with donor tissue or other treatments to prepare it for implant surgery. Ideal candidates are healthy and free of gum disease and extensive decay in other teeth. Plus, people who brush and floss regularly and get routine dental check-ups and cleanings experience success with their new teeth.

To determine readiness for dental implants, Dr. Maderal-Cozad performs a thorough oral exam, takes x-rays and does other special tests. She formulates a treatment plan and discusses patient needs and wants.

Lastly, many people undergo the implant procedure because it is comfortable. Usually accomplished with no more than a local pain shot, implant placement works well for older teens through senior adults.

Contact Allure Smile Center

Frankly, you won't know if Miami Lakes dental implants are right for you unless you ask a skilled professional. So, why not contact Ana Maderal-Cozad DDS at the Allure Smile Center? Set-up an appointment, and explore your tooth replacement options. Phone (305) 827-9148.

By Allure Smile Center
June 25, 2015
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Cosmetic FillingGetting a cavity filled is a very common procedure to undergo. Fillings are performed at dentist's offices all over the world. While silver amalgam fillings have been the standard for many years, Allure Smile Center, a dentist's office in Miami Lakes, Florida, also offers cosmetic, tooth-colored fillings to treat decay and damage with a more natural look. Here we answer some of the common questions about cosmetic fillings.

What is a cosmetic filling?

A filling does what its name implies: it fills in an area of a tooth that has been lost to decay or trauma. The material used for the filling stops the formation of more decay. When left unchecked, decay can lead to infection, more invasive procedures, and possibly the loss of the affected tooth.

Treating the tooth with a metallic composite known as silver amalgam is the traditional way of filling a cavity. While amalgam restores health and function to the teeth, it is dark in color and can be distracting. For this reason, many patients at Allure Smile Center opt for cosmetic fillings. These are made of a combination of plastic materials and glass, giving them a white color to match the rest of the natural teeth.

Where in the mouth are cosmetic fillings placed?

If decay or trauma has affected a tooth that is visible when you smile, Dr. Ama Maderal Cozad will often recommend a cosmetic filling to her Miami Lakes patients. This arrests the process of decay while maintaining a seamless appearance, as the resin material blends in very well. Cosmetic fillings can be placed on any of the teeth, although amalgam is more durable and therefore the preferred material for molars due to the amount of chewing force that they sustain.

How is a cosmetic filling performed?

Regardless of the material used, fillings are placed by your Miami Lakes dentist by clearing away the decayed area with a small hand-held tool. The filling material - amalgam or resin - is then applied to the area and shaped into place. Resin fillings will need to be polished in order to match the tooth. With your comfort in mind, the area will be fully anesthetized before any work is done.

If you think one or more of your teeth might benefit from a cosmetic filling, contact Allure Smile Center in Miami Lakes for a consultation.

November 28, 2011
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