The Benefits of Cosmetic Fillings

By Allure Smile Center
March 25, 2016
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Gone are the days of flashing a mouth full of silver after having your cavities filled. Over the decades, advances in dental technology have delivered aesthetically pleasing materials that can restore your teeth with a more natural look. From the office of your Miami Lakes, FL dentists at Allure Smile Center, here is some information about fillings.Fillings

The most popular alternative to silver amalgam fillings are composite fillings, made from a mixture of acrylic resin and glass. Glass ionomer fillings are another common option. Both are types of cosmetic fillings, meaning that they harden into a tooth-colored material and are virtually invisible compared to your natural teeth.

Depending on your specific needs, composite and glass ionomer materials may be used together or alone to complete your cosmetic filling.

Benefits of cosmetic fillings include:

Pleasing appearance: Once your filling is complete, it will look completely natural and won’t be noticeable when you speak or smile.

Minimal preparation: Compared to traditional amalgam fillings, cosmetic fillings may require less of the healthy tooth structure to be removed before placement.

Prevent decay: For patients at high risk of decay, glass ionomer releases a small amount of fluoride for extra protection.

Maintain tooth health: Cosmetic fillings work wonderfully for small or medium-sized cavities. Most of the healthy tooth structure can be preserved, and the material serves to hold that structure tightly together to prevent further decay or fracture.

Avoid metal allergens: For those who are allergic to the metals used in traditional amalgam fillings, cosmetic fillings can restore the teeth without risk of an allergic reaction.

Build up tooth structure: Composite material is also used for a procedure called bonding, which fills in minor gaps, chips, or worn areas of the teeth for better function and appearance.

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Patients today have many options for fillings and cosmetic dental restorations. Talk with your Miami Lakes, FL dentist at Allure Smile Center about whether cosmetic fillings are a good choice for you. Call (305) 827-9148 orrequest your appointment online.