FAQs about Cosmetic Fillings

By Allure Smile Center
June 25, 2015
Category: Procedures
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Cosmetic FillingGetting a cavity filled is a very common procedure to undergo. Fillings are performed at dentist's offices all over the world. While silver amalgam fillings have been the standard for many years, Allure Smile Center, a dentist's office in Miami Lakes, Florida, also offers cosmetic, tooth-colored fillings to treat decay and damage with a more natural look. Here we answer some of the common questions about cosmetic fillings.

What is a cosmetic filling?

A filling does what its name implies: it fills in an area of a tooth that has been lost to decay or trauma. The material used for the filling stops the formation of more decay. When left unchecked, decay can lead to infection, more invasive procedures, and possibly the loss of the affected tooth.

Treating the tooth with a metallic composite known as silver amalgam is the traditional way of filling a cavity. While amalgam restores health and function to the teeth, it is dark in color and can be distracting. For this reason, many patients at Allure Smile Center opt for cosmetic fillings. These are made of a combination of plastic materials and glass, giving them a white color to match the rest of the natural teeth.

Where in the mouth are cosmetic fillings placed?

If decay or trauma has affected a tooth that is visible when you smile, Dr. Ama Maderal Cozad will often recommend a cosmetic filling to her Miami Lakes patients. This arrests the process of decay while maintaining a seamless appearance, as the resin material blends in very well. Cosmetic fillings can be placed on any of the teeth, although amalgam is more durable and therefore the preferred material for molars due to the amount of chewing force that they sustain.

How is a cosmetic filling performed?

Regardless of the material used, fillings are placed by your Miami Lakes dentist by clearing away the decayed area with a small hand-held tool. The filling material - amalgam or resin - is then applied to the area and shaped into place. Resin fillings will need to be polished in order to match the tooth. With your comfort in mind, the area will be fully anesthetized before any work is done.

If you think one or more of your teeth might benefit from a cosmetic filling, contact Allure Smile Center in Miami Lakes for a consultation.